Colonial Casting Door


Cast panel doors are only safety doors and should not be confused with a security door. They are a suitable option for both hinged and sliding doors as well as sidelite grilles. The panels are available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

Cast panel door sets are extremely popular for front doors. The decorative design can be a great feature to any home. Available in over 20 different designs, Pioneer Aluminium and Glass offers you the option of personalising the appearance of your home.

With cast panel doors, rust will never be a problem. All door inserts are gravity die cast in 100% recyclable aluminium which is also known for it’s durability and strength. To capture that added touch of personal style and individuality, Pioneer offers you  a wide choice of colours in powder coated finishes. To extend the life of the surface finishes we recommend doors should be washed down regularly, especially in a salt water environments.