Double Glazing


Double glazing simply means two sheets of glass with a space in between. A double glazed unit is two pieces of glass Item-426sealed along its sides with “spacers”.


Double glazing has been popular in Europe for many years and will soon become much more common in Australia. Climate change legislation and awareness will mean that new homes will soon have to meet “Six Star Energy Ratings”. Double glazing has become popular due to the following benefits:

– Noise reduction (up to 80%);

– Heat transfer reduction (up to 31%);

– UV light reduction (up to ~100%).

A handy tip to improve noise and heat insulation benefits is to use two different types of glass for the double glazed unit. Some noise and heat waves which pass through one type of glass will not pass through a different type of glass

Key Features

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Reduce noise levels