Double Hung Window

(60mm Frame)

Pioneer Aluminium and Glass Double Hung Windows offer superb ventilation control, heavy duty and high strength. Whether renovating your existing home or building a new home, traditionally styled Double Hung Windows offer a great solution in window design.


Our Double Hung Windows are capable of allowing the addition of high/low lights, fixed side lights or custom made arches and is capable of accommodating glass from 4mm-6.38mm thick.


Our Double Hung Window System is highly durable and easy to operate using economical spring loaded balance system which is installed in the frame jambs while a central easy to use keyed lock is installed conveniently in the middle where the two window ends meet. This system allows you to raise the lower part of the window while lowering the top part allowing cross ventilation and is ideal for the holiday house or beachfront property.


Pioneer Aluminium & Glass Double Hung Windows are designed to suite narrow width openings. Standard Hollow rails for added strength; the top sash slides down and the lower sash slides up, giving you superior ventilation control.

When it is raining, you can also open any top sash protected by the eaves of the house to keep fresh air moving through your home.


  • Colonial and Federation Bars are also available to allow for a more classic look
  • Available with a traditional key lock for your added security
  • Variety of glass options available at request m
  • Insect and security screens