Fixed / Adjustable Louvres

(100mm Frame) 

Our Adjustable Louvres allow the greatest air flow of any window when opened fully and can be adjusted to direct the airdream-home_600c-600x400 flow by either opening them completely or half way.

When fully open, the Louvre Windows do not hinder your view to the outside world allowing great viewing pleasure while providing a stunning looking window.


Our Louvre Windows are made to suite any length you require. You can choose from 102mm (4″) or 152mm (6″) blade sizes, and can use a variety of different glass from 6.38mm laminated glass to 14mm extruded aluminium blades.


Pioneer Aluminium & Glass Louvre Windows can suit glass or aluminium blades depending on your requirements. Each blade is secured by unique clips that have a weather tight seal and will never corrode. Our Louvre Windows are capable of allowing the addition of high/low lites, fixed side lites or custom made arches to suit your requirements.