Sliding Window

Sliding Window(60mm Frame)

Pioneer Aluminium and Glass Sliding Windows combine strength and solidity with smooth operation and convenient features. Both visually attractive and extremely practical, allowing for opening without the danger of slamming shut in windy conditions. Our Sliding Window is designed for versatility and stylish appearance. It is weather sealed for energy conservation and, when combined with long life finishes, requires minimal upkeep. 


Using the traditional approach to Sliding Windows, Pioneer Aluminium & Glass has its own high performance semi-commercial window with a 60mm wide frame in Finned and Fin-less capable of accommodating glass from 4mm thick to 18mm double glazed without changing the windows outer framing.


Pioneer Aluminium and Glass Sliding Windows are fitted with heavy duty nylon rollers with stainless steel ball bearings ensure rattle free operation, which allows them to last longer and operate smoother than conventional types. The easy to use self-locking keyed window lock can be adjusted to suit your necessary height.

The Sliding Window sash can be alternated to open left or right after installation due to our specially designed mullion. They are also available in standard or custom made sizes to suit each individual requirements.

Our sliding windows are capable of allowing the addition of high/low lights, fixed side lights or custom made arches to suit your requirements and are fly screen suitable. Colonial bars are also available to allow for a more classic look.


  • No unfinished or exposed edges.
  • No internal projection of transom sections.
  • Sash rails top and bottom are concealed within the Sill and Frame
  • Genuine Pioneer Aluminium and Glass handles, are ergonomically designed for ease of use for the elderly & disabled.
  • The handles operate in the direction of the sash movement


  • Easy clean sill design
  • Window cleaning is safer with the rounded edges


  • Standard or barrel key locking available
  • The easy to use self-locking keyed window lock can be adjusted to suit your necessary height
  • Insect and security screens